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Environmental advice and strategy

Environmental proposals are increasingly becoming key to obtaining planning consent. A poor environmental strategy or the provision of the wrong advice may once have posed little risk to the viability of a development proposal, but now it can mean the difference between gaining consent or not. At Logika Consultants, we are experts in environmental legislation, policy and regulation. Working with planning consultants and lawyers, we are able to provide advice that supports our clients in navigating the often complex planning process. We develop environmental strategies that are based on our review of the relevant environmental issues and risks, which help to ensure effort is expended in the right areas. Our focus is on providing solutions that ensure development can proceed, but not at any cost – whether this be to the environment or to our clients’ pockets or programme.

We guide teams of technical specialists, both in house and part of our network of trusted advisors, to reach optimum, often cross-disciplinary solutions by deciphering what is frequently a myriad of complicated environmental information. The aim is to develop proposals that ease the planning process in a cost-efficient manner. These may often be multifunctional solutions that achieve more with less. This service goes hand in hand with our approach to embedding design at the heart of a development’s design process.

Environmental advice and strategy Case Studies

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