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Experts in environmental solutions

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Logika Consultants

At Logika Consultants, we believe that our future relies on environmental consultancy that supports progressive and sustainable development and a healthier world. 

Logika Consultants was founded in early 2020 with a mission to offer our clients a different approach to environmental consultancy – one that we believe firmly meets the needs of the changing environmental context. 

Logika Consultants is focused on providing environmental advice and design solutions that allow projects to gain the appropriate permissions or consent by ensuring that environmental objectives are embedded at the heart of the design process.


Logika Consultants offers a wide range of services to meet our clients' environmental requirements.

Sister companies

Our sister companies, Air Quality Consultants and Noise Consultants, provide expert advice relating to air quality and noise modelling, monitoring and assessment.

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Air Quality Consultants

Comprehensive modelling, monitoring and assessment of air quality.


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Noise Consultants

Independent expert advice and assessments covering all aspects of environmental noise and vibration. 


Latest News

NCL Launches New Site Suitability Indicator (SSI) For New Residential Development

Logika's sister company, Noise Consultants Limited (NCL) has launched its Site Suitability Indicator (SSI), a freely available online resource which aims to help provide noise practitioners, developers, and Local Planning Authorities with an initial understanding of the suitability of sites in England for new residential development from a noise perspective.


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