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Annie Payne (Pik Yu Sun)


Annie is a Senior Landscape Consultant with Logika and joined the company in 2022

Annie is a chartered landscape architect with experience in landscape architecture and urban design. She seeks to bring positive environmental, health and social impact to communities, with a particular interest in contributing to mental wellbeing, sustainability and humanitarian work.

Annie has designed and managed a wide range of projects at all stages, within a variety of sectors, including hospitality, mixed-use residential developments, public open space, parks, commercial, heritage revitalisation and public infrastructure developments. She takes an innovative approach to provide design solutions that reach green development standards and promote wellbeing. Her recent experience has included leading landscape design inputs for a Hong Kong International Airport hotel development, providing extensive landscape features, including green roofs and walls, to achieve higher sustainable outcomes.

Annie embraces multidisciplinary collaboration and an environmental masterplan approach to embed sustainability and environmental benefits into the early project development stage.

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